Everything we do is based on the same set of values, and aims to make society a better place for everyone – always taking the side of the least fortunate among us.

Together as

Briefly in English

Our objective is to help individuals in overcoming their life's obstacles on their way to a meaningful, ordinary existence. We believe in a hands-on approach, which is why most of our services are tied, in one way or another, to our workshops or vocational school partners.

We also do international work and are actively looking for new partners to work with us on projects, financed by Erasmus+ or ESF+ for example.

The Organization

Silta is a non-profit association established in 2001 by non-governmental organisations in Tampere. Our main goal is to increase societal equality, individual participation and welfare by coaching hard-to-employ people in improving their ability to work and to function, and to find their place in society.

The core values that guide all of our operations are:

Respecting the individual
Succeeding together

These values are based upon the whole personnel working together, the feedback we have received, and everyday experience. Therefore our values are a part of us.

Our values are also shared property of our clients. A functioning civil society and active non-governmental organisations are among the best building blocks for an affluent society.

We have a multiprofessional personnel comprised of personal coaches, work coaches, instructors and teachers. Altogether there are about 100 people working for Silta, with it's yearly revenue being approximately € 5.3 million. The income comes from selling goods and services, as well as from subsidies. Our services are mainly ordered by various public sector actors.

Our Services

Silta offers various services to improve the vocational and studying abilities of its clients. These services take place in workshop environments in the form of work and meaningful activity. We offer workshops in many fields, vocational upper secondary education, and services for working age people, youth, and substance abuse rehabilitees alike. Housing services are also available for youth and substance abuse rehabilitees.

Our Workshops

People come to the workshops of Silta to prepare for working life and studies. At the workshops people gain experience, perception and know-how in working in different lines of work. During the training, information about educational and employment opportunities and guidance for making and putting into action a personal follow-up plan are also available.

Goods and services are produced at the workshops for the people and companies that need them. The workshops are work communities where you learn by doing. Working at the workshops always begins with an orientation.

Trainees work at the workshops with work coaches, personal coaches and teachers. Work coaches and teachers guide the working and help with the tasks and with working in a work community. Personal coaches help with achieving personal goals and making follow-up plans.

Youth Services

The young people who come to Silta receive guidance and coaching to improve their current life situation and to plan their future. At Silta you get a personal instructor to help you think about your future plans and to find the most fitting and beneficial solutions for education, employment and independent life.

Vocational Training

Silta develops and implements new kinds of ways to realize vocational training. Among these forms of upper secondary education is the training program Takova which prepare for vocational training, and basic degrees in automotive and building industries, as well as basic degree in construction, property maintenance services and hotel, restaurant and catering studies.

The preparatory training is organized by Silta together with its companions Tampere Vocational College and Kiipula Vocational College.Training at the Production School is organized by Silta together with Luovi Vocational College.

All education Silta organizes together with the vocational institutes is vocational special needs education.The cornerstones of special education at Silta are:

• Offering students alternative learning environments
• Learning and doing based on productive work and membership in a work community
• Adequate resources and skilled personnel
• Companionship with educational institutes based on co-operation agreements in developing and realizing training

Silta collaborates with the educational institutes in other ways as well. Students who have problems with their studies can be directed to the workshops of Silta for work coaching and personal coaching.

Coaching Services for Substance Abuse Rehabilitees

Coaching services for substance abuse rehabilitees are meant for youth and adults who need more help and support in their everyday life after rehabilitation in prison or otherwise.

Silta supports the client and helps them to commit to a responsible, crime and substance free lifestyle, and teaches them everyday skills and vocational and studying abilities. We also focus on making new relationships and finding new ways to spend spare time and offer housing services for long-term homeless people with criminal backgrounds living in Tampere.

Our Partners

According to our views of companionship, improvement of the clients’ life situation, know-how and labour market status can only be based on such collaboration between clients and stakeholders, that benefits all parties. Improvement and project activity is a part of our everyday work. Today improvement projects are most typically companionship-based, and create new information about the object of activity, new ways to work, and often social innovation as well.

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Development director
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