Everything we do is based on the same set of values, and aims to make society a better place for everyone – always taking the side of the least fortunate among us.


Social Enterprise

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Silta is a social enterprise, that works to advance the employment prospects of all persons in the most vulnerable position within the labour force. We are a part operator of the Finnish Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises and have officially held the social enterprise mark since 2015.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise's primary business objective is to provide one ore many benefits to society, rather than to accumulate wealth for it's owners or shareholders. Social enterprises are private and third-sector operators, which...

  1. aim to provide societal benefits as their main objective
  2. use most of their profits to advance their cause or mission
  3. stress accountability and transparency in their operations
  4. stress democracy and involvement in their management

Working toward a more inclusive labour market

Silta holds a key role in advancing social enterprise in Finland and was involved in drafting the Strategy for Social Enterprises, published in 2021 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

We operate the Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprise (YYO) together with five other third sector organizations, our main focus being work integration. The Centre offers nationwide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and communities involved in or starting up a social enterprise. It offers advise, help and training for companies with a social purpose. The aim is to help create new social enterprises in Finland.

We help existing social enterprises grow and operate more effectively. We are working to make social entrepreneurship a well-known and attractive option for creating jobs and well-being in Finland. In keeping with our core philosophy and values, Silta's focus in the Centre's operations is work integration.

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